Of Him Who Loves … me

It is said You never sleep
As one who who bears Your likeness
I’ve taken on Your sleep habits
Yet You do not grow weary
I cannot say the same

It is said You will never test
Beyond what I can handle
Still I walk away from You
Choosing to avoid Your test
With my own missteps

It is said You can never love more
Nor any less
Because You are love
But surely You see me
When I fail

It is said Your love is merciful
And slow to anger
So that I may have time to return
To You Who made me
Of love and with intention

It is said You love … me
And sacrificed Your Son for … me
I didn’t ask You to do that
But You did so anyway
For … me

It is said You only want
A contrite heart
So it is fair for me to consider
Your love for … me
Your plan for … me

In my sorrow Lord
Send me Your Spirit
That I may fall to my knees
And beg forgiveness
And return Your love to … You

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