Not all were clean

Twelve were there
Plus the Savior
Who would serve all present
With clean water and a towel

The Sons of Thunder and their mother
Sought to be exalted
In a Kingdom for which they were unprepared
Unwittingly agreeing to drink from the same cup

The impetuous rock said “Never!”
Until he understood
Then still misunderstanding he wanted more
He would thrice deny all knowledge at the fire

The twin was also there
Washed by his Savior
Seeing for himself
A foretold cleansing he would later doubt

And the betrayer
Who would remain unclean unto death
Yet not denied the love
From him who showed only charity

And him who taught for a while
Loved all he encountered
Accepted his own sacrifice
For all who are unclean

2 thoughts on “Not all were clean

  1. “For Him who showed only charity”

    Is THAT not the critical life lesson we all need to know, to accept and to embrace; and then pass this teaching on?

    Thank you Tim, you are a good and faithful servant.


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