“It is finished”
Earth’s darkest hour
Where is death’s victory?

Pierced and hanged
Flame snuffed in mocking ignominy
Undeservedly for my sins

But unwavering obedience
And unending love
Combined for sacramental grace

As seen from the bush while tending the flock
An unquenchable fire still burns
This is holy ground

Jesus’ humble acceptance
God’s holy will
Redeems my darkness


4 thoughts on “3PM

  1. Beautifully and fully articulated Tim, thanks!

    And by doing so; by commanding that if we “are to be His disciples; we MUST take up our crosses and follow Him” (Mt. 16: 24-25).

    But did Jesus set a standard unattainable by mortal me?

    “I AM the way, the TRUTH and the life”; Jesus; God cannot lie.

    So with His graces we are to know that it is possible; but just as He had to carry His Cross uphill; we too ought to have that same expectation.

    Glory and Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ!

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