Born Again

We the people

A nation born under the guise
Of equality among those created
Of inalienable rights among those of equal stature
Of freedom to worship Him Who created

Has instead worshiped from and to
A god of limited rights
A limit of those granted entitlement
An entitlement of conquerors

And so we govern from and to
The god of mammon
The mammon of power
The power of exclusivity

Engaging thusly
Our justice has excluded
Our exclusion has oppressed
Our oppression has laid bare our sins

Our hearts need change
We must worship the God of love
We must love the God of mercy
We must seek mercy from the God who saves

In order to form a more perfect union

Begin with me O Lord
In Your mercy forgive my sins
In Your forgiveness change my hardened heart
In Your merciful heart renew my soul

Only when I worship the One true God
Can my nation heal
Can my healing beg forgiveness
Can my forgiveness lead to greatness

Let me be born again
That I may praise Your name
That I may know Your name brings hope
That I may have hope in Your love

Because You are
The God who was
The God who is
The God who will come again

Knowing such so as to truly be
One nation under God
With liberty
And justice for all

So that what we can be supplants what we have become

O, let America be America again—
The land that never has been yet—
And yet must be—the land where every man is free.
-Langston Hughes, 1935

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