Cleaning up

Here you go Lord
I’ve scooped out the trash from my heart
Take this bag and throw it into the fiery furnace
I can no longer withstand the stench
This odorous waste weighs heavily on my soul
And leaves no room for You

So take away
My egoistic pride
My unforgiving ways
My selfish wants
My unrelenting will
My persistent unbelief

Michael defend the door
Against the wickedness and snares
That the remaining emptiness
May be filled only with His goodness
Overflowing with His love
So to drive out what once was there

Lord replace it with
Your immeasurable mercy
Your cleansing forgiveness
Your undeserved love
Your overflowing grace
Your gift of faith

May You write your Law
On my heart
So that I can claim
Without duplicity
That You are my God
And I am Yours

One thought on “Cleaning up

  1. Just take all of me and give me more of you, God. My spiritual director told me this amazing quote from St. Augustine in his life, “Lord make me holy but not yet.” No, don’t delay coming to my aid. I need a heart transplant 💔 along with a new attitude 😃.

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