Corinthian Fog

Morning’s darkness

Why am I drawn in by the fog?
Is that You?
Are You in there?
Does it soften Your presence?
Enhance Your beauty?
Perhaps express Your mystery?

Intentional focus

Maybe I need to look more deeply
At present I see indistinctly
But then face-to-face
At present I know partially
Then I shall know fully
As I am fully known

By You

11 thoughts on “Corinthian Fog

  1. Powerful poem! This also reminds me of the cloud of glory that descended upon the tent of meeting where Moses met with God. Maybe when our natural eyes are not able to see clearly, we lean more on our spiritual eyes. We walk by faith, not by sight. And we wait for Jesus coming on the clouds of glory. Draw us in Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

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  2. LOVE THIS, and because of the fog, which can be comparable to the mystery of the LORD, is actually not a bad thing. In the mystery, it keeps us still drawn to HIM. We don’t have to know everything here, and we’ll never know everything about the LORD, at least not here. The mystery of the LORD keeps us searching for more of HIS presence, by Knocking and seeking HIM diligently always.

    LORD, may you always help me in my renewed spirit that I daily request of you, to keep my flame kindled, give me just enough, so that I will remain hungering always for more and more of your presence. 🙏🏻

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