John said so
Many believe it of the Son
Fewer understand it of the Father
Ancient texts speak of wrath
Many stories speak of destruction
Bloody battles waged in His name 

John said so
It bears a closer look
Mercy, love, forgiveness abound
Continued rejection by His chosen
Time in exile then returned, restored, rebuilt
Justice more so than wrath

 John said so
Battles were waged
To protect His chosen
As a Good Shepherd shelters His flock
Holy is His name
Yet the hard-hearted stray

 John said so
He sent prophets to warn
He has written His law on our hearts
Yet even when rejected He relents
Mercy desired more than sacrifice
Chosen remain chosen

 John said so
Sins washed away in blood
As a Good Father defines it
With age-old love I have loved you
As John told us
God is Love


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