Monday Psalms, Psalm 69 (68)

Save me O God! For the waters have risen to my neck and I sink deep in the mire. I am weary with my crying. Answer me, O Lord, for Your merciful love is good; according to Your abundant compassion, turn to me.

When thrashing for survival, even the lines in a pool become agitated. So it is with God. As we thrash about, we agitate all that is around us, making it difficult to see God for who He Is–our salvation and our goal, our merciful and loving Father.

Greg McGee, “Agitated Pool,” watercolor
All rights reserved

5 thoughts on “Monday Psalms, Psalm 69 (68)

    1. I’ll admit that before taking on the challenge of these weekly reflections on the Psalms, I didn’t have enough appreciation for the depth of prayer within the them. I’m so much more enriched by doing this.

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