Our Stories

I tell stories in social situations
Apparently based on the looks from my children
And the “not now honey” from my wife
I tell the same stories (over and over)

I tell stories when I find things to be funny
Or when the conversation needs a mood change
Or when those gathered are particularly quiet
Or when I just like to tell the story

There is something about our stories
Even those told previously (repetitively)
That allows us to tell someone something
Be it a stranger or a brother or a life-long friend

Jesus told stories
Some people did not understand
Others could not hear through the din of their bias
But his stories still today tell us something

I know I need to hear others’ stories
And take breaks from telling my own
So to laugh or to learn or to grieve or to pray
And to see Jesus in and through others

Because the one telling the story
(and perhaps especially the one listening)
Always has something to tell

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