Monday Psalms, Psalm 36

Your mercy, O Lord, extends to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the clouds. Your righteousness is like the mountains of God.

Mercy. Faithfulness. Righteousness. God is both the grandeur and power of a mountain. Seek Him.

Greg McGee, “The Mountains of God,” Ink on paper
All rights reserved

4 thoughts on “Monday Psalms, Psalm 36

  1. Like a lot of people, I love psalms.

    I find pep for my step some places. I find depth for faith in others. And in fact, I posted sometime back about a little book that probably saved my life all about the Psalms of Ascent by Erik Routley. (I gave my copy away.)

    This Little Book Might Have Saved My Life

    But my favorite (I have two) is 88 and 130. They are truly dark songs – soul crushingly dark. Being an old metal-head, I always kinda wished Metallica would make 88 into a song.

    But, I really wonder about 130.

    I had cause to research 130 – I can’t remember the project now – back in school. I am sure it was not the main focus of the project, but it stood out for me ever since. It turns out that when the Allies liberated Dachau, they found the opening like of 130 scrawled on the wall in the gas chambers, left by the dying hand of a murdered Jew (probably a young person).

    Sorry, it makes me cry to think of that.

    Anyway, that cry to God with THAT light on it really takes me THERE.

    I always appreciate your prayers and psalms. Thank you.

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    1. I just read your blog post from years ago – hard to imagine 2017 being years ago! Thank you for sharing your story as it brings encouragement to – who entered into marriage relatively late in life as I had waited for the ‘right one” and took marriage very seriously to the depths of my soul. There I was a Lay pastoral Associate standing before the church she ministered to finally marrying “the one”. It was a happy day – a large church celebration, joy was everywhere! One year later I was sitting in a court room seeking annulment and 1 month later we were plunged into the pandemic. The Psalms have spoken to me in the depths oh so many times. I never imagined the Psalm I sung in a high school choral concert (Psalm 130) would one day become the words holding my heart. Thankfully, I have pulled through the depths with mountain climbing, prayer, and counseling. Psalms 16 and 139 speak to me now. I do believe I will search for “Ascent to the Cross,” perhaps it will be the final bridge I need to cross to “so thoroughly move away” from that difficult time of my life. Thank you!
      Blessings on your journey.

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  2. I really like the drawing – kudos to your brother! 🙂 Living at the base of Columbia Mountain and at the gates to Glacier national Park for 8 years now, I have to remind myself now and then of the awe I initially had upon my arrival. God’s grandeur is always on display – even on the steeliest most inversion prone days.

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