Another perspective

To this I can attest:
What I call Chinese food
  is in China,
just dinner.
Same geometry, different angle.
(Though I dislike math I cannot disregard its principles.)

If, then, I could visualize with another’s eyes,
could not my heart then see,
  that which seems different
    is confoundingly more cohesive than conflicting?

Endeavoring to make a difference more than to fear it,
  perchance I am better to consider
that which is misunderstood may not be gapingly dissimilar.
I pray, then, to open my frame of reference
  (wider than my mouth).
And, to put my feet in others’ shoes,
  so to dine together at the Banquet.

In reverent wonder of Him Who Is,
      I gain in understanding that His
          absence of time and space
voids bias.
  In Him,
  what is now, has already been;
  what is to be, already is.
(Ecclesiastes 3:15)

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