Sunday readings reflection: Carbs are life

Readings for August 8,  2021

1 Kings 19:4-8
Psalm 34:2-9
Ephesians 4:30-5:2
John 6:41-51

Having grown up with an Italian mom, I am no stranger to the smell of baking bread. We always had bread in the house, not always homemade, but always fresh. With an authentic Italian meal, crunchy crusted bread with a soft interior complimented the pasta and meat, and a nice fresh salad with oil and vinegar. Food was love and bread was the centerpiece.

Basically, given my Italian roots, I am no stranger to the restorative powers of bread. And restoration was exactly what poor Elijah needed. He was at his wit’s end. He had tried to overcome the sins of those who came before him, but felt he could not. After a slight rest, he was awakened and given something to eat–a hearth cake (bread). He was fed with God’s love and then found himself ready to continue his journey. Paul reminds the Ephesians of the “aroma” of Christ’s sacrifice–the smell of love. And as Jesus himself explains, he is that bread of life, of love, of strength for the journey. When we eat this bread, we are in communion with his sacrifice.

My youngest daughter has since begun to bake fresh bread like my mother, nourishing her loved ones and providing our table with a delicious centerpiece. We will always love bread in our house. The smell is the aroma of love and the taste is the sweetness of Christ’s sacrifice. It is the perfect compliment to the meal of life, what we need for continuing our journey back to a perfect union with our God.

My Lord Jesus, your sacrifice was and remains the perfection of your Father’s love for us. He gave you to us so that we could be in communion with Him. May I be forever thankful for the aroma of love, the bread for the journey, the return to our Creator, perfectly kneaded and created for our return to Him. Amen

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