It’s personal (or it’s nothing at all)

Yes, Yeshua ben Joseph told us the poor,
the oppressed,
the hungry,
the thirsty,
the sad,
the lonely,
the scared,
        The outcast
is forever among us.

He was was the unrecognized Word
walking among us
and showing us his Father’s glory
for just a third of a century.
Knowing his flesh was temporary,
he accepted his preparation for burial
as an act of love
(love is personal).

Yet somehow we interpret it a choice–
impersonating a love for the still unrecognized Word while ignoring,
    or marginalizing,
    or oppressing,
    or fearing,
        The outcast.

He commanded us 
    to love 
         one another
            as he has loved us
(he is The outcast).

So it seems by making it a choice
we’re doing it wrongly,
and failing to take it
and instead, choosing to blame the government,
    or the Church,
    or the economy,
    or our busyness,
and ignore
        The outcast.
And so rejecting
the preacher’s command
to love.

What was flesh is now Spirit
  (through which we still see his glory!).
It is now up to us who live in the Spirit–
Not the government,
  (there is no love in politics)
Nor the NGOs,
  (love isn’t born of organization)
Nor the 501(C)(3)s,
  (tax status doesn’t reveal love)
Nor the Church–
    to do it rightly,
    to serve him,
    to love him,
    to praise him,
    we must love
    and serve
            The outcast.

The only choice we have is far simpler.
We either choose love
or do nothing at all.

“He who oppresses the poor insults his Maker. But he who is kind to those in need honors Him.”
-Proverbs 14:41

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