Still Small Voice

Why whisper?
  I cannot hear You through the confusion
  I cannot understand You through the clangor
Please shout!
  I want to see Your thunder
  I want to hear Your fire
When I am looking for the street sign
            I turn off the car radio
            So to see the whisper
Only then can I arrive safely at my destination

2 thoughts on “Still Small Voice

  1. Great post!

    Thanx for sharing this.

    Sorry to change the subject, especially after that and in THIS place, but I wish for more interaction with you and I am extremely frustrated with my blog problems. Thank you for your continued participation even in the limited, thready pulse fashion in which I have been publishing.

    I am writing a ton off line and have little outlet. I wonder if I can access you through email. If not, no problem. But if you have interest, please send me an acceptable address or contact in the unpublished comments on my blog. I will moderate and NOT publish such data.

    Meanwhile, I will leave you with a small excerpt of recent drafts (yes, off line, I draft far more thoroughly). This is still in a rough phase, but I expect it is clear enough for this exchange.

    Here it is:

    6 – Blessings/Revelations
    In the Bible, when a meal is shared hospitably, there frequently is a special blessing or revelation associated with it. This is a gift or message from God and/or the disclosure of his presence at or in the meal – or a variation closely related to this theme. Perhaps we should say that at table, eyes are opened and insight granted.

    Consider some of the examples:

    Abraham and Sarah are told they will have a son in another year; Abraham’s servant reveals that his master seeks a bride for his son; Joseph reveals to his brothers that he is the ruler in Egypt they had been dealing with; Passover anticipates deliverance and remembers deliverance for eons; Moses and the elders of Israel eat on Mt. Sinai and see God; Jesus is revealed in the Stranger at the breaking of the bread, and this observation gives way to Eucharist in which the bread is Christ’s broken body and the wine is his spilt blood. (This list is by no means exhaustive.)

    Something mystical is attached here to the meal shared hospitably. They don’t put this on the menu at your favorite drive thru or diner. Olive Garden says (used to say), “When you’re here, you’re family,” but they never envisioned this! The blessings and revelations born out of meals shared in biblical hospitality speak to the welcoming nature of the Kingdom of God. We simply must explore this phenom spiritually as disciples and not reduce it to symbols and crumbs.


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