Psalm 5

Psalm 5

But I, by Your great love, can come into Your house. In reverence I bow down toward Your holy sanctuary.

We can, of course, worship God in all places. In fact, we should do so. But when we worship Him in His house, it’s personal. We are invited to be here, with Him, at His table. Accept the invitation. Receive His blessings and His protection. 

Greg McGee, “God’s Sanctuary,” white ink on paper
All rights reserved

3 thoughts on “Psalm 5

  1. Sadly the pandemic has changed things… Where I once felt at peace and very much at home in the sanctuary of my church, now as a single person who must sit alone with a mask in her own pew with no lingering conversations before or after services with anyone but the pod I came with – which would be me, I have never felt more alone. I try to meditate and be one with God but the noise surrounding me that I am not a part of seems to get in the way of God reaching me and me Him. Of course, this is my faulty perception only – but it is a source of sadness. Until we are “allowed” to join with “others” again, my sanctuary will be His grand creation.


    1. Yes, though we’ve returned to in person church services, the “rules” make it difficult to feel like a community. But we do know, even in these times of human separation, as we enter the sanctuary, we are at God’s table. And that, of course, is a gift we cannot duplicate. Peace to you Erika.

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