Readings for April 18, 2021

Acts 3:13-15, 17-19
Psalm 4:2, 4, 7-9
1 John 2:1-5
Luke 24:35-48

John lays down the gauntlet when he writes, “He who says ‘I know him’ but disobeys his commandments is a liar!” In today’s world, perhaps in all of history, paying lip service to a belief or a stance is common. Sometimes, it might even be an attempt to be sincere. Joe Cocker sang, “Don’t get too lost in all I say, I bet at the time I really felt that way.” Yet, while Joe Cocker may be “Feelin’ Alright,” in the end, saying one thing and acting contrary to it is, in fact, being a liar.

In one sense, if I speak what is contrary to the truth, I am a liar. In another, if I act in a manner that is contrary to what I speak, I am also a liar. In particular regard to my faith, if I act in a manner that is contrary to what I am commanded to do and profess to believe, I am most certainly a liar in both my words and my actions.

I have been commanded to act in love. The more I step away from the role of devoted servant and instead try to speak for God, or to act judge, the more likely I am to get it wrong, to misspeak, and to become a poor representative for the Lord who simply asked me to be obedient and to serve. Rather, I should walk in that faith, live the love that Christ taught, and resist moving with current trends that may leave me saying, “I bet at the time I really felt that way.”

Lord Jesus, may my words be true to your teachings. May what I do and how I act reflect those words and give glory to God through you. Grant me a steadfast faith, take away all that makes my faith fleeting and trending. Be with me Lord. Amen

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