Harmonic Cognizance

In my sea of selfishness,
    I know what I search for is peace—
perhaps harmony.

I am acutely aware that fear will always abound
  Until I see
    Until I hear
      Until I think
Of nothing but love
of Him
and of other.

But despite this razor sharp cognizance,
I lose other in the pounding of my heart.
  I can’t see
    I can’t hear
      I can’t think
enmeshed in the angst of dissonance.

While fear begets separation I turn away,
    searching within for what I cannot see without.
But I cannot stay lest I lose what I seek.
Slogging through a crowded reality,
    disparate themes will always cloud my view;
but cut too far away from other,
    and there may be little left to see.

So perhaps instead of looking I will listen,
listen for the music of my soul—
     Of your soul
          Of their soul
               Of our souls
His melody is always sweeter
with some harmony.

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