Pledge disordered

“One nation 
     under God”
           is twice wrong.
Perhaps it always has been.

Do we stand in honor
     of the Creator, or do we kneel
          to an idol of unrealized Godliness?
Do we even consider which of these endowed inalienable rights?

The command philosophy is:
God, country, corps.
          Why then do we disorder the pledge to cloth, constitution, Creator?
     Dare we order God first,
disagreement may not portend division.
     And laws unevenly meting out punishment may instead encourage
           respect, dignity, love of other.

     A nation’s freedom,
when justice is unequally yoked,
     plows a crooked row.
          And an unjust nation
     is unforgivingly bound by slavery to self,
pushing out Truth
     and pledging itself to itself.

          Shall we boast of what never was
rather than brazenly hope for what can be?
          Should not the words be a measure
               rather than a pledge
                    to bring Truth to an unfolding story?
Maybe then we could be one
                    which was once twice wrong.

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