A sparkling landscape,
painted in black and white.
Crystallic icy mist,
replaces twinkling lights.
Where once we adored,
and sang with angels—
now we sit in mystery.
The seasons have changed,
but the light has not. 
While adding minutes,
darkness still wins
(in the Battles of Daylight).

Not so with Him!
Seasons of darkness can never overcome;
the gift given will be received.
Those in need of healing
no longer suffer in darkness,
gaining the final victory
through the Light of Christ.
“Hallelujah!” sings the daybreak,
“Hallelujah!” sings the stars,
“The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness did not overcome it!” 

10 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. This is exquisite. Thank you!! However, I leave my white Christmas lights up through January – they are now Epiphany lights!! And boy do we ever need that light in the darkness. .

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    1. We took the last of our outdoor lights/decorations down on the 12th. I suspect most that are still up and lit in the neighborhood have little to do with either Christmas or Epiphany. But they look nice! Peace!

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