The Crutch I’ve Chosen

They mean to insult me
But it’s true
Faith is my crutch
In accepting my weakness
I acknowledge Your strength
A tool for healing life’s brokenness
Offering uncompromising sturdiness
Not leaning on my own understanding
I choose faith
To be upheld
In Your love

3 thoughts on “The Crutch I’ve Chosen

  1. Isaiah 30:31 In life we all grow tired and wonder if the effort of living is worth the cost. Despair, confusion, anger, frustration attack and we are tempted to succumb to their pressure. Isaiah gives us a road map, a recipe to avoid that temptation. It’s called a simple thing – “TRUST”. Jesus said to be as little children and what child doesn’t find strength in their belief that their father will protect and provide what is needful for them? And that trust is anchored in love.

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