Can I wrap that up for you?

You can put me in a box when I’m dead
Trudging past my incinerated remains
As Sarah plays the Moon on piano

Until then leave your box in the cellar
Lest I blast it open and crush its walls
Alive I am not so neatly contained

Allow me to watch the Muppets and laugh out loud
Suspend your disbelief as I capture the essence of a super moon
Know my earbuds fail to contain bluesy screaming guitar licks

Give me a moment to explain the love of Christ working in my life
Help me understand how the Spirit makes my being tingle
Hold my hand as I doubt myself in paralyzing fear

Let me listen to Christmas music while it’s still warm outside
Ignore the volume of Transiberian Orchestra from my car
Still more than a week before the turkey is stuffed

Place no limits upon jokes or puns I text to my favorites
Nor the bible verses with a hope of inspiring
Though I do so more for myself than for them

Afford me life’s pleasure of a slice of Pam’s pie
Laughing with those I love next to a roaring bonfire
Wearing a flag-themed doo-rag

Never underestimate my will to win
Nor my impatience to do so
You don’t win second

Please forgive my insistence on being right
At the expense of something better
Love is a work in progress

Know I am ready to sing along with the king
Or tap my foot to the swinging sounds of the duke
Ever ready to sing praises to the King of kings

Smile as I quote Po or Fessig
Jam with me on air guitar to Voodoo Child
Wince as I belt out the Music of the Night

Listen as I wax poetic the mystique of fog or baseball
Turn away as I cry when an animated movie’s theme is loving the dad
Yet be not surprised at the volume of my unleashed wrath

So save your damnable box til I’m dead
It won’t be needed or appreciated until then
When everything gets neatly wrapped up and closed in

By then I’ll have moved on
Outside any box
Uncontained in paradise’s expanse

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