Many things make me happy

I love the brilliance of the sun
Gleaming off the snow on a cold winter’s day
I love sunsets and sunrises and the moon
Pie makes me extremely happy
The Muppets make me laugh out loud

Happy is a good thing

But the cold air can bite at my skin
And the sunsets fade to darkness
And someone always eats the last piece of pie
And Kermit only stars in a movie
Every five years or so

So I think joy is better

Similar but steadfast
Like having children
I love my kids
They bring me great joy
But they do not always make me happy

Then I shall seek joy

When I consider it joy to suffer for love
The joy of the Lord is my strength
Weeping in night time but joy comes in the morning
So I rejoice in the Lord always
Again I say rejoice

Thanks be to God

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