To the Mother of my Children

We fell in love
So long ago
My hair was long
Her eyes smiled brightly

We’ve endured much
Over the many years
My short hair now shiny grey
Her eyes still smiling brightly

Our girls are women now
Long ago she set all else aside
Trading income for love
Her eyes smiling brightly at them

She ushered her parents to heaven
Many years before
She did the same for my mother
Her eyes smiling brightly with comfort

She spends most of her day in prayer
Years ago accepting its power
Over good times and sorrow
Her eyes smiling brightly toward heaven

She regularly talks to our heavenly mother
Given to us from the cross so many years ago
They talk as only mothers can
Christ’s eyes smiling brightly upon them both

I know how lucky I am
Over the many years
Watching her fall to her knees
With eyes smiling brightly in prayer

Today is her day
Celebrating the years of love
She’s poured out unselfishly
Her eyes ever brightly smiling

Happy Mother’s Day
To my wife of many years
To the mother of my children
Your brightly smiling eyes lighting my life

9 thoughts on “To the Mother of my Children

  1. Oh my Tim, this is absolutely beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. As so true about Ann- the Rock to all of us blessed by her. And I’m sure it is also a very reflective day without your mom’s physical presence. Thank you for your beautiful words ….

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  2. This is one of the most beautiful poems of love I have ever read, wow, thank you so much for sharing. You are blessed, and so is your wife. Happy Mother’s day to her!

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