No earthly power

Wrapped for burial
Dead in a cave
The entrance blocked
The stone sealed and guarded 

No earthly power shall hold

Huddled in the upper room
Scared and confused
Their hope seemingly died with him
They locked the door 

No earthly power shall hold 

The world engulfed in darkness
The earth shaking and quaking
The veil torn
Revealing what could not be seen

No earthly power

His return to life
The light shines its victory
Not as a ghost
But to life on earth

No earthly power

Teaching along the road
Cooking breakfast on the beach
Revealing his scars
Dining with his friends

No earthly power

Nothing shall hold God from His people
Neither death nor life
Nor demons or kings
Not worry or suffering

No earthly power

No circumstance
Nor any created thing
Shall separate us
From the power of God’s love

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