Suffering Crosses

I am the master carpenter of my own crosses
Suffering built not of faith but of its lacking
Generously I share them with others
Through complaint or with instruction
Grumbling shared as a seeded scourge

This cross I lift only for my own sake
A just reward rather than a needed reparation
Sharing it with others as both deflection and distraction
Of that which justly follows my woodwork
A celebration meant solely for personal relief

But You bore a cross hewn from the sins of others
You suffered in silence to forsake my sins
A generosity born of love
An undeserved but freely accepted scourge
Obedient suffering as seeded sanctification

Yet I have been carved by my Father
Image and likeness called to be holy as He is holy
Intentionally formed in love to share love alone
Compassed to return to You to participate in grace
Accepting a cross of self denial to follow only You

When I accept my own lot–
This cross I crafted of my own suffering
I can quietly enjoin my suffering to Yours
And without complaint bear good fruit
To see Your Glory

For the Kingdom
The Power
And the Glory
Are Yours

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