Love, Dad

Nothing in life compares to being your father
The moment I met each of you was love at first sight

Earlier in fact

I was filled with love in anticipation of your arrival
I wondered if I could live up to the title “Dad”

You’re grown now

My love continues to grow with you
Each of you a uniquely powerful young woman

I’m proud of you

For who you have become
And for what you have yet to tackle

But there’s One Who Is more than I

You were but a gift bestowed to me from Him
A mere caretaker as you grow into all you were meant to be

I’ve had moments where I’ve fallen short

Yet He will never disappoint
And He will never forsake you

Do not walk away from Him

He loves you more than I ever could
He formed you with His own hands

Love Him

Love Him with all your heart and mind
Love Him with all your strength and soul

God is Love

His love is not that you love Him
But that He loved you and offered you His Son

And love one another

God lives within you
And His love is perfected in you

I know this

Because to you I am always “Dad”
And you three are perfect love

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