Let Christmas Linger

The presents have been opened
The kids are returning to their own homes
The colorful paper lies within the recycle bin
The leftovers in containers for another time

Soon the tree will be disassembled
Soon the decorations will be neatly boxed
Soon the living room will return to full size
Soon the home will return to normal

We ran in haste to Christmas

But let’s not run to put it away completely
But let’s not run to tuck away all reminders
But let’s not run to close our hearts to the child
But let’s not run to shut out the angel choir

Let’s let Christmas linger a bit
Let’s let Christmas surpass the lights and bows
Let’s let Christmas remain steadily in our hearts
Let’s let Christmas frame our love for one another

Let us pray to allow Christmas be a spirit more than event

That like Mary we say “yes” to God
That like Joseph we obey the words of the angel
That like the shepherds we make haste to the newborn King
That like wise men we follow the light of Christ

Let our feet bring glad tidings
Let our voice announce peace
Let our love announce the salvation
Let our God live as King forever

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