Beneath the high roof of Your cathedral
Even it’s elegance unworthy of Your immensity
I sit alone among the worshipers
Convinced I am more than my convicted soul

So I spend time in my cherished holy huddles
Arrogantly spewing doctrine
While selfishly ingratiating myself into Your Word

And I spend time among the Church doctors
Rather than seeking the simple wisdom
Of the blessed and broken

Then I spend time memorizing Your verses
In deafness of Your call
To live Your Truth

Still I spend time seeing sin and error
In those who believe differently than I
When Your love will be my final verdict

Until I spend time among the marginalized and unseen
Seeing the totality of Your dignity within them
I will never fully grasp my unworthiness

If I spend time contemplating my undeserved gifts
I will see You, my Lord and my Savior
In complete acceptance of You as my God

Lord I am not worthy
To receive You under my roof
But only say the Word
And my Soul shall be healed

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