Hey, thanks!

A Thanksgiving poem by Reflections from the Pew Editor Megan Smith

“In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.”

Thank you for the food on my plate and the love in my home,
Thank you for the tub to my belly and the white hair on my comb,
Thank you for the smoke detector that seems to hate my cooking,
Thank you for the children who misbehave when they think I am not looking,
Thank you for the snowy drive that filled my heart with fear,
Thank you for whatever time you may plan to keep me here,
Thank you for the people I get to see this day,
Thank you for the frustration when things don’t go my way,
Thank you for the bills I have to pay tomorrow,
Thank you not just for the joys, but also for the sorrow,
Thank you for every moment, however big or small,
Thank you for the sacrificial love that promised to save us all,
Thank you for your patience, as I try to do you proud,
I’m so thankful, Lord for everything—
It’s time I say out loud.

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