My Daily Bread

Upon reaching a certain age
Where those that cared for me now need care
Interruption in my routine is itself routine
Where need isn’t measured by proximity
And love isn’t measured by greeting cards

Perhaps there were expectations
That as a man of a certain age there would be peace
If not comfort and status and treasures
But accumulation of things offer no solace
So I pray for my daily bread in hope of things eternal

Surely a commandment is no mere suggestion
And bestowing honor is more than a phone call
If the blessing I presume is that I give to others
It is itself hollow pride and self-seeking affirmation
Interrupted routine is not ameliorated with complaint

My daily bread comes with the opportunity to care
Kindness in reverent service is love in abundant living
The honor is that I am able to honor at all
Acceptance of care is the blessing I receive
Even if gratitude is sometimes unproffered

The Wisdom of Ben Sira is not found in all editions
His canon not universally seen as doctrine
Still his teachings are deemed meaningful
And a world that seeks its own blessings
May do well to judge them as essential

Those who fear the Lord honor their father
And those who honor their mother serve the Lord
Like warmth upon frost it will melt away misdeeds
It will not be forgotten or overlooked
For those who honor their father atone for their sins

8 thoughts on “My Daily Bread

  1. Being NOW 75 years young, I can attest to the prudence of your POST.
    Parents can be, OUGHT to be a blessing and BLESSINGS are not to be ignored or denied

    As a much younger man I would marvel at GOD’S Wisdom. The fourth Commandment (Love your parents) precedes the fifth Commandment “THOU SHALL NOT KILL.”

    That I think speaks volumes of the children-parent relationship in GOD’S mind.

    Thanks Tim

    God Bless,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that picture- it was in my old pastors study! Do you know what it’s called and who it’s by? 🙂


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