Anticipating My Humiliation

What if, perchance
Your promises come true
Many seek worldly happiness
I among the many
Some seek You to find it
Though Your promises
Take a contrarian path
So says Your Son
To be forgiven
I must forgive
So not to be judged
I must not judge others
To be given gifts
I must give of myself


If much is expected
Of I who live with abundance
Is happiness more easily attained
By those who have little
Those I cast aside, ignore, pity
May find happiness
Before I who find comfort
Perchance, then
I rightly pray for Your promises
But live opposed to their ideal
Blessed are the poor, the lonely, the sad
Happy are the meek, the weak, the persecuted
If the self-exalted are to be humbled
Then am I not he who must anticipate humiliation

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