Seeking Him

The soft sparkle of a dewy morning
A gentle breeze rustling the leaves
The still of a lake at sunrise

I hear Him in the quiet and the beautiful
His still small voice calling to those whom He loves
Showing Himself within His creation

Yet I seek His voice amidst the clamor
I pine to hear Him within my chaos
I need Him throughout the turbulence

My eyes cannot see Him through the storm
My ears cannot hear His voice through the din
My hands cannot feel His touch through the numbness

Only my heart can see and hear Him Who Is
Only my heart can see the beauty of the Cross
Only my heart can hear the assurance in the tumult

Create in me a new heart
Replace my heart of stone with one of flesh
So to hear Your Spirit within me

As cacophony surrounds me
Store Your Word in my heart
And prevent my heart from failing

Then I will seek and find
You who has chosen me
So that I may listen to what I hear

One thought on “Seeking Him

  1. Tim as you have discovered; “the noise” around us; life’s many distractions are a Life Test from God that He uses to check our Level of Faith. But along with “the noise” is the Majesty and Beauty of God’s Created Universe; the easel of His Art Work; the Universe and all that it contains. ALL of which was CREATED just so that all of could recognize the Beauty, Majesty and unlimited POWER of our God.

    Continued Blessings,

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