Number 8, a Hymn of Glory

Can any Brahms piano concerto match the beauty
Can any romantic Schumann composition match the love
Of He who composes all things

The lilt of Beethoven’s sonata to moonlight
The elegance of a Vivaldi flute concerto
Dare not compare to the music of the Soul

Majestic is His name above all things
Beauty is the work of His fingers
Whose glory is proclaimed in chant

Yet I, the lowly, am given dominion
Crowned with glory
He is ever mindful of me

The composed orchestrate His song
Little less than angels
So I can listen to His chant

One thought on “Number 8, a Hymn of Glory

  1. Tim my friend,
    Your use of words is a soul searching amazing, made even more so knowing as I do that they come to light from the depth of your beautiful Soul.

    You ARE a light on the hillside, may, a beacon.

    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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