Trust the Suffering Heart

My Lord
Your Sacred Heart

so open
so vulnerable
crowned in glory
yet pierced with thorns
adorned with the object
of your sacrifice

My Lord
Your Suffering Heart

are you immune
to pain?
do you disregard your own
so that I may see
your love?

My Lord
Your Blessed Heart

font of every
image of
vision of

My Lord
Your Consecrated Heart

take my own heart
that I may be obedient to yours
and grant to me
peace in my suffering
comfort in my affliction
forgiveness from my sins

O Most Holy Heart of Christ I trust in you

4 thoughts on “Trust the Suffering Heart

  1. Thanks Tim, another GREAT reflection.

    Turning towards God and permitting HIM to take charge of our lives is the SUREST path to our salvation. Not only saying it, No, but actually doing it.
    The Lord Himself taught US how to pray: “THY WILL BE DONE just as it is in Heaven.” AMEN!

    Prayers and Blessings to you and your’s Tim,


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