There’s More

I stand behind an angry customer at the store
I see rage in the car next to me in traffic
I hear bursts of frustration from the office next to me
I shutter at the angst around me

There’s more there than I see or hear
There’s a story behind the anger, rage, frustration
There’s history behind the angst
There’s poverty behind the emotion

I don’t need to know the story
I don’t need the details or the history
I don’t need to quote them a scripture verse
I don’t need to put on a display of holiness

I just need to have empathy
I just need to let them be ok
I just need to be ok myself
I just need to love

Because I witness suffering as I stand in line or sit in traffic or while at work
Because there’s more needed than my silent judgement
Because I must live as Jesus loved
Because love is patient and kind

It does not envy
It does not boast
It does bear all things
It does always believe

It is not selfish
It is not resentful
It is not arrogant
It is not rude

Love always hopes
Love always endures
Love always shows itself
Love always reveals there’s more

4 thoughts on “There’s More

  1. “Love always reveals there’s more”

    Amen!!! LORD JESUS, please strip away any and EVERYTHING that is of me. Replace it with all of you. Give me new eyes to see with. Teach me ALL OF YOUR WAYS LORD GOD. Show me how to love just EXACTLY as you do. Because it’s not about me but everything that we do is about you. With your strength and my TOTAL commitment and surrender to you, I am faithful and confident that you will do it. Let your will be done. Push away the darkness LORD. 🙏

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