Beyond Imagine

Pumbaa was right
Stars aren’t sparkly nightlights
They’re exploding gas-filled rocks

And clouds aren’t puffy and soft
Water droplets in turbulent air
Rise and fall with temperature changes

We can only judge
Within our own confinement
Trapped by the limits of our humanity

We can only see
Within the physical restraints of our own sight
Grappling to imagine what is unseen

Why do we, then
Believe only what we know
Rather than seek what we believe?

Dare I do so with my Maker?
If I know what I see is less than what’s unseen
Should I not consider Him more?

If assurance of things hoped for
And conviction of things unseen
Defines faith

It seems wiser
To avoid defining Him
And let Him define me

Instead of striving to be
What I can imagine
I think I would rather

Let myself rest
In His capable hands
Being all He can create

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