Practicing Deity

This much is clear
God’s in charge
I am not

But if I were to be so bold
And ask a question
Maybe two

What of love
Compelling us toward one another
While searching for You?

Would another ever be so true
Could another ever offer as much
As the Author?

Might it not be simpler
Minimally or at least faster
To fly direct?

And regarding likeness
And imagery
In relation to beauty

Really now
Sunsets and waterfalls and flowers
Surely You’re found in those

Understand I brush before a mirror
I see what’s reflected
Likeness and imagery all too human

Are You just practicing
With others
With me?

Or is it I who’s practicing
And You, the Author
Allow me participation in my story?

To love another on my journey
The long road fulfills
Love returns to the Author

To see likeness and imagery
As it’s properly reflected
Is to reflect You

All impressively clear
You are my God
And I am Yours

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