Easier Said than Done

Lord You say
whoever says “i know Him” but does not keep His commands is a liar
whoever says “i love God” but hates another is a liar
whoever says “i have not sinned” is a liar and does not have My Word within

Lord i fear
that i live my faith more with words than with love
that i crave earthly affirmation more than i praise You
that i try to keep hidden what i should confess to You

Lord i want
to be engulfed by Your love
to be consumed by the fire of Your Spirit
to be surrounded by the grace of Your mercy

Lord i pray
i may reflect the love You have given to me
i may forgive as You have forgiven me
i may lead others to You by how i live

Lord let my life be true to the words i pray

7 thoughts on “Easier Said than Done

  1. “Ask and you SHALL receive
    Seek and you SHALL find
    Knock and the door will be OPENED to you”

    Tim you know this and God knows that you know this.
    Life is a journey with a beginning and a end.

    You my friend are on the right track; pray and persevere.

    Continued Blessings,

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