The Spirit Within

My senses wholly engulfed
In neither feeling
Nor emotion

Something more

A spate of energy
Launched from the fringes
Rapidly moving inward

Your presence

It surprised me
My whole being shook
I dislike surprises

Rapidly departing

Overwhelmed withdrawing in fear
Battling understanding
You are beyond what’s known

Please stay

If You are pointing me
In an unseen direction
I trust You but doubt myself

Unquestioned identity

Perhaps a signpost
A living assurance
Working in and through me

Inexorably You

You have searched me
And know me
Even darkness is light to you

Lead me


2 thoughts on “The Spirit Within

  1. Thanks Tim for such a candid reflection.

    The ability you have been given to look inward and yet see outward is FAITH; a great grace from our Loving God.

    I pray He will continue to both guide and fortify you, for YOU Tim have have discovered the Heart of Jesus.

    Hidden Blessings abound when we are open to receive them. Amen

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  2. Here lies the paradox: We can truly know God by the light of the Holy Spirit and experience His presence in our lives, but we can never fully comprehend Him, that is know Him as only He can know Himself.

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