Near exhaustion

Is anyone listening?
Have they read the words?
Have they understood?

Sin has cursed the earth
And all who eat from it do so in toil
Rising early, I eat the bread of painful labor

Why should I toil in vain?
I have worn myself out working in vain
Emptied myself of all for nothing

But my recompense is with Him
Who commanded that I be Holy
Because He, my God, is Holy

He pours out a measure
Packed and filled
Overflowing nonreciprocal love

He calls me to obedience
He commands I extend His mercy
Giving myself fully to His will for me

Although tired and worn
I know where my reward lies
Humbly I accept Him within my heart

I will share my Master’s happiness
They may choose tangential paths
Regardless, I will persevere

Because my strength is in Him
Humbly I will do his bidding
Sharing His Word forever


8 thoughts on “Near exhaustion

  1. Thanks Tim,

    Life is a God Test; (Isaiah 43 verses 7 & 21)
    it’s not easy so that we can, with challenges and test, demonstrate our Faith in God and our Love for Him.
    But we practicing Catholics have the opportunity for Sacramental Graces; including receiving Jesus Himself to strengthen us

    Truly a foretaste of heaven on earth.
    So when we grow weary we KNOW where to turn to get recharged.

    Like Paul we are to “run the race” all the way to the finish line. Amen

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