Keep the beat

When things are as they should be
And I’m walking the right path
The souls of my feet stomp out the beat
As the soundtrack of my heart sweetly plays
The Artist of my soul

Be it ear-splitting rock
Maybe screaming blues guitar
Or the unrivaled beauty of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata Number 14
Perchance even a churchy hymn
The Artist writes the song within my heart

But when my head crashes the party
The music drops the beat
My feet plod rather than keep time
Slogging a muddied and dangerous path
Moving away more than toward

The battle lines drawn
Of heart and mind for control of the soul
Strength determines the victor
Not always of epic proportions
Even small things influence victory

The soundtrack keeps time only
By the greatest command
All strength all heart all soul all mind
Playing from the same sheet music
Keeping beat with glorious harmony

When I fully love the Artist
And His musicians here with me
Then the soundtrack keeps me on track
On a path leading to joy
Where glory returns to Him

If music be the food of love, play on
If prayer be food for the soul, pray on
If straight be the path of the Lord, stay on
Switch it to glide, let the beat go on
Letting the souls keep the beat, carry on

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