Written on my heart

When a poem cannot be penned
Abandoned stanzas torment my heart
Unwritten words offer no consolation
And unturned phrases offer no hope

The blank leaf mocks my futility
As a giant mocks a nation
Until the shepherd boy makes his sling
To avenge the insult of his God

His Word my prompt
Only Him be my muse
My empty page anticipates His pen
Writing His Word within me

There is no emptiness in His glory
His heart pains only for my chosen inanition
Then must the words written on my heart
Cascade onto the page in a consolation of praise

His Son knows more suffering than verses contain
His Spirit groans for words I cannot otherwise express
His sacrifice brought life to His Word
His love pours out with redeeming grace

The author Who Is
The poet Who Was
The artist Who Is yet to come
To Him be the glory forever

10 thoughts on “Written on my heart

  1. Glory and Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ; King of endless Glory.

    “And it was good” (Genesis 1:3) and after he had Created humanity it was “Very good” (Genesis 1:31)

    That each of us has a purpose to exist is to me; the summit of our Divine and Perfect GOD. (Isaiah 43:7,21)

    What an Amazing God we have to have Created each of us as unique reflections {although dim} of Himself.

    Thanks Tim, beautifully profound,


  2. Tim, to quote Mother Teresa, and I mean this to apply to you brother, “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.” Keep sharing your beautiful soul, my little pencil!

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  3. Absolutely beautiful Tim. It is exactly how I feel too. Thankyou for this beautifully inspiring poem. May Our Lord bless you this day

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