Prayer for Patience based on James 5:7-15

Lord, I pray for patience until you come again. The gifts you bring are made precious through time and perseverance. So I will wait with my heart firm, because your coming is at hand. Let my “yes” mean yes and my “no” mean no to all I encounter in truth. And please Lord, forgive my sins, especially those of impatience. Amen

7 thoughts on “Prayer for Patience based on James 5:7-15

  1. Thanks Tim,

    We Catholics CAN greatly shorten that time “until YOU come again.”
    by attending Mass and Worthily Receiving Jesus {GOD} in Person in Catholic Holy Communion.

    we Catholics are Soooo Blessed: and there exist no better reason to be a Catholic than this reality.

    To Jesus THROUGH Mary,


  2. Amen! May the Lord grant our requests. Patience appears to be my weakest virtue. Just imagine, Jesus raised the precepts of the Mosaic moral law to a higher dimension by saying calling someone a fool or an idiot in the heat of anger is tantamount to breaking the 5th Commandment. Sin lies in the heart. It is what comes out of a person that makes him unclean. We should never stop praying for the actual graces we need to change our heart of stone into a heart of flesh. Paul calls this a renewal of the mind or our interior disposition.

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