Just Passing Through

He Created for us
Something temporary
A short time here
For us to become
More like Him

We’re just passing through
To our eternal destiny
A wholly permanent place
Where disappointments never appear
And love never ends

So why this rocky and uneven road?
Where suffering
And death
And pain
Test our strength and faith

The lesson is one of acceptance
Of ourselves
Our humanity
Our need for Him
In everything and through all

He owes nothing
But gives abundantly
We owe everything
But give little
His divinity is within our humanity

When we accept ourselves
We accept Him
To Whom all glory given
And all peace rests
So we are just passing through

Until that day
When we’ve prepared
And believed
And loved
Can we rest in unending love


Rest well Mom. Thanks for loving us.


5 thoughts on “Just Passing Through

  1. Life is short, but we still have more than enough time to accept God in our lives and strive to always please Him. We read in the Psalm that life is like a flower that blossoms in the morning and withers in the evening. But we who are faithful to Christ shall go “gently into that goodnight” – not resisting as the poet exhorts us to do for the sake of our integrity – in the hope of rising into that eternal good morning.

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