Conditionally Yours

My Father

It is said you are holy
And I mean to do right by You
But I’d like to see things for myself

I’d like a peek at Your Kingdom
A short walk through of the whole place
To see how it compares to here

What treasures await?
This bread, for example
I’ll require gluten free

Oh call me fastidious
But if I’m going to forgive
I want to accept the award

You know I have more than enough already
So do not try to tempt me with Your treasures
I am not so easily impressed

Not unlike You I am loved by many
I may have more followers than You
Perhaps You should build up Your social profile

Some express their love for me in jealousy
You would not believe how fickle some people can be
But I heard you will take away such evil

I am still young
And I don’t see what’s coming
So perhaps just a glimpse from You

This I pray

“Woe to you who are rich
For you have received your consolation”

4 thoughts on “Conditionally Yours

  1. Wow. That is all I can say. I have read this multiple times now, and it just gets better with each reading. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!

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  2. Tim, God HAS heard your plea.

    The “Invisible-Visible” is a foretaste of Heaven, if and when we have accepted the grace of God’s grace to truly believe {as I know you do} in Christ Real Presence in Catholic Holy Communion.

    Many, perhaps even most fail to see the GLORY of Jesus in Holy Communion; and therefore miss out on that glimpse of HEAVEN … This is absolutely true for non-Catholic Christians.

    When we have found true inner peace; then we CAN know that we are seeing a glimpse of Heaven at every Mass.



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