A New Creation

Some say I’ve changed
A softer version of my former self
Except when I’m not

I have long known God
Worshipped Him weekly
Venerated the cross of His Son

God’s gifted me a revelation of Himself
And my acceptance of that gift
A reciprocal gift to Him

What is newly revealed
Can no longer be ignored
It is written on my heart

A gift accepted
Cannot be denied
A longing of mind, strength, soul

If in Christ then created anew
The old is gone
The new ever increasingly present

There is perfection in Christ
But not yet in me
Still a work in progress

Mercy, love, forgiveness
He avails to me
If I offer the same to others

As a new creation
I am designated
An ambassador for Christ

No longer alone
God works through me
Chosen yet unworthy

I am not qualified to answer His call
So He qualifies the called
When I am reconciled to Him

Perhaps some are right
I am changed
Not softer but emboldened

Join me and become
A new creation in Christ
Together we can do more

7 thoughts on “A New Creation

  1. I AM with you Tim

    That God can use men like us has long been settled in my heart.

    LOOK at the men he choose to be His Apostles. He did great things through them; ought not we then able to grasp that being a conduit for Christ is our mission. What ever good we might attain is always a reflection of Jesus working through us. Amen


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