179 Stories

The flying tube is full
Everyone going to the same place
Each with a different destination
An experience shared in solitude

Stories are told within the tube
Some conversation is audible
Others silently reveal their tale
Hoisting their life into an overhead bin

The tube is filled with emotions
Anxiety, weariness, frustration, boredom
Perhaps occasional excitement
Little joy is visible

All sizes, types, ages fill the tube
Some wish themselves noticed
Others smile falsely in acknowledgment
Most push sound into ears and screens into faces

Few consider the science that allows the tube to soar
Heights and speeds unanticipated by bicycle builders
Science doesn’t make it comfortable
Nor does it build community

There is kindness within the tube
A helping hand or a genuine smile
Fleeting moments for sure
Yet not without merit

The tube is man’s creation
Loneliness also
But kindness is His
Community also

His Creation poignant
His the place
His the destination
His the joy and kindness

Stay seated with buckles clasped
Stories are better shared than told
They’ll flow and mingle perfectly
When we love one another and Him

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