Think about such things

Whatever is true
Whatever is noble
Whatever is admirable
Whatever is lovely

Comes from God

Divinely fashioned
Outside of man’s making
As only the Author of life and beauty
Sets the sun behind a veil

Gifted to His creation

A truly noble and admirable gift
Vivid colors from unseen brushes
Unique, wondrous and lovely
Shining God’s peace upon the earth

Rejoice always in Him

3 thoughts on “Think about such things

  1. Thank you Tim and Thank YOU JESUS for your majestic World that YOU created so that everyone; even little ol’ ME could come to know you.

    Tim many years ago my mentor {Father John A. Hardon S.J. ..May he rest in peace}, taught this about TRUTH. …After must pondering I have come to see the depth of the wisdom shared in these few words.

    “Truth is the condition for grace; it is the source of grace; it is the channel of grace; it is the divinely ordained requirement of grace.”

    To ME, this explains Protestantism and its myriad of differing faiths and churches united IMO, only by not being “catholic.”

    God Bless my new friend,

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