He’s There

Pay attention to the clouds
Not meteorologically
Watch for something more

They paint pictures
Adding beauty by a Power that isn’t theirs
Morning and evening

An energy within shadowy darkness
Particles collide in flashing light
Thunderous clatter follows

Sometimes they cry
Heavy from atmospheric moisture
Changing what lies beneath them

The artistry is amazing
Pay attention
Because the Author is there


7 thoughts on “He’s There

    1. Every once in a while, I capture a photo with my handy iPhone that reflects some of the beauty. But I never capture the essence. The essence is God’s presence. I see it when I gaze upon His creation. I can praise Him for it. But my handy iPhone and my limited skill with it can only reflect what is the Author’s beauty.

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  1. There certainly is a cosmic Divine Author who is consciously aware of all He does and keeps doing. I once asked an atheist how it could be that matter and energy have always existed and be responsible for their own existence though these elements are non-conscious. They exist and are active, but do not live. His answer was the “closed system” out of Quantum mechanics theory, but systems are not only causative of their constituents but also regulated by transcending laws which could only have originated from the mind of a living being,

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    1. Seems a closed system might help explain an operation but fails in explaining what has always existed. As in all things, our attempts to box God with our logic is wholly inadequate. And that’s OK, we need to let God be God and live in awe of what He can do. Clouds. Sunsets. The artistry is beyond human imagination. Live in the awe and be thankful.

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      1. Agreed. Beauty and majesty aren’t attributes of matter and energy, so they cannot be the first cause of an awe-inspiring universe. They are simply middle terms and secondary causes in the great chain of being.

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      2. I work with products that create motion. The products my company makes and sells live within a “closed loop system.” But even so, the system is commanded by a mission computer. And the mission computer’s commands are part of a system monitoring other things in motion to command the closed loop system to move appropriately. In the world, we may be able to find the wizard behind the curtain. But doing so will be disappointing if we believe that wizard is God. He is not. Only God is God. And yes, all that is awe-inspiring, all that is beautiful, all that worthy of true praise comes from and belongs to God. Praise God!


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